Schedule 2017-2018








* During this season members of Ensemble Insomnio will perform different versions of For flute or piano or mandolin or percussion or bassoon or guitar or violin or harp or clarinet or.........

Next version, Sabien Canton, harp:

25 maart 16:00 Muziekhuis Utrecht.

30 maart 20:30 Ostade theater Amsterdam.



Performances as percussionist/performer


* 15, 16 & 17 march: [The Brain] by Orion Maxted Brainwash festival, Frascati Amsterdam. Live sounddesign.




* Autumn 2017-summer 2018: Tour New theatre piece by Jorrit

Tamminga/music theatre group Jane:





do 22 maart Cinecity Vlissingen

vr 23 maart Podium Reimerswaal Rilland

wo 4 april Scheldetheater Terneuzen

vr 6 april Middelburg

za 7 april Theater Ins Blau Leiden

12 mei Corrosia Almere