Between 2002 and 2007 I studied composition and electronic music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

My work is a constant (re-) search to integrate or disintegrate music, words, movement, theatre, visual arts and new media.

I work with both traditional (acoustic) instruments/voices and with new media such as electronics and video.

For many years I have collaborated with a large number of artists from all kinds of artistic disciplines and styles.


I composed pieces for various ensembles (ao. Asko-Schönberg, Nieuw Ensemble, Collegium Novum Zürich, Adapter Ensemble, Modelo62, Insomnio Ensemble), theatre productions (ao. Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Slagwerk den Haag) and musicians (ao. Diamanda Dramm, Brandt Attema, Miriam Overlach).

My music is performed in festivals both in the Netherlands (ao. Holland Festival, November Music, Gaudeamus festival) and abroad (ao. Innovations en Concert (Montreal, Canada), Innersounds (Bucharest, Roumania), Ilios (Norway), AFEKT Festival (Estonia) and in the music series of the Contemporary Music Ensemble of Egypt.

I am one of the founders of Monoták, an Amsterdam based international collective of composers, performers and visual/sound artists and one of the co-founders of Splendor a venue in Amsterdam run by musicians. In Splendor I am one of the curators of a series named Quiosque dedicated to the performance of (experimental) music, dance and theatre and the yearly festival 'Electronic Extravaganza'.


Besides all this I play in the band F* and...., de Koene Ridders (a collective dedicated to musicinstallations and interventions in the public space) and Trio Hoorcomfort.


I am currently working on The whereabouts of W. (last words) for a speaking percussionist, objects and guitarpedals, Woordeloos for SATB choir and The whereabouts of W. (opening lines)

for violin solo.




1. Five pieces for percussionduo (2002)

two percussionists

duration ca. 12’

2. Duo I for bassclarinet and percussion (2004)

version Ia for bassclarinet and percussion

version IIb for baritonsaxophone and percussion

duration ca. 12’

3. Study for flute solo (2004)

for flute solo

duration ca. 4’

4. Duo II for flute and actor/percussionist (2004)

for flute and actor/percussionist

duration ca. 12’

5. Murw (2005)

for clarinet, horn, bassoon, harp, two violins, viola, cello and doublebass

duration ca. 9’

written for Asko Ensemble

6. Two songs on texts by Hagar Peeters (2005)

I. De muur

II. Lamento voor de oude vrouw

for voice, two (bass-)clarinets, violin, cello and piano

duration ca. 8’

written for Soil Ensemble

7. Duo III for violin and percussion (2006)

for violin and large percussion set-up

duration ca. 15’

not yet performed

8. Ontwar(r)en (2007)

for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, 2 percussionists, 2 violins, viola,

cello and doublebass

duration ca. 9’

written for Schönberg Ensemble

9. Nabij for solo bassdrum and offstage tubularbells (2007)

for two percussionists

duration ca. 5’

in memorian A.G.

10. Touch yourself prt. I (2008)

for performer, two channel electronics, camera, beamer and venetianblinds

duration ca. 7'

11. Surmenage (to the one that closes opened doors) (2008)

for closet solo and ensemble: flute, oboe, (bass-)clarinet, mandoline, guitar, percussion,

piano, 2 violins, viola, cello and doublebass

duration ca. 12’

written for the Nieuw Ensemble with support of the FPK

12. Three nocturnes (2009)

for basstrombone and harp

duration ca. 10’

written for duo Attema/Haring

13. Minkowski ruimte (2009)

for narrator/percussionist and wind ensemble: flute, 2 clarinets, trumpet, horn, trombone,

3 melodicas, offstage doublebass, cassettedecks, lightswitches, camera and tv.

text Jannemieke Caspers

duration ca. 9’

written for the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

14. Schemering (aan de vooravond van het einde) (2009)

clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello and doublebass

duration ca. 10’

written for Collegium Zürich and November Music with support of the FPK

15. Three interludes (on the nature of absence) (2010)

for 2 violins, viola, cello and doublebass

duration ca. 12’

written for Ensemble Caméléon

version for string quartet (2013) for Utrecht String Quartet

16. In my Room (thoughts about a possibility) (2009-2010)

for voice, violin, viola, cello, percussion and 4 channel soundtrack

duration ca. 12’

written for de IJsalon with support of the FPK

17. Het wonderlijke verhaal van K. (2011)

Musictheatre piece for actor and wind ensemble: flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, trumpet,

horn, basstrombone, 3 female voices, accordion, harp, 2 percussionists and doublebass

text by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer

duration ca. 95’

written for the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble with support of the FPK

18. Waan (2011)

for narrator, oboe d’amore solo, 2 clarinets, 2 trombones, synthesizer

text Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer

duration ca. 5’

written for the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

19. Plastichoutstemsteenmetaalwater (2012)

electronic music for 4 speakers

duration ca. 13’

20. Gloren (2012)

for speaking voice/percussion, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano/synthesizer

duration 8’

written for Amco Ensemble

21. Wakker/slaapwandelend (2012)

for narrator, cello, harp, percussion and 4 channel soundtrack

duration ca. 25’

written for Trio Hoorcomfort

22. Worvel nae worvel (2013)

for voice, trombone, harp, doublebass, percussion and 4 channel soundtrack

text Daan Doesborgh and Ruth Sacks

duration ca. 25’

written for de Koene Ridders with support of the FPK

23. a suite of dances (2014)

for solo percussion and 2 channel soundtrack.

suite from the childrens theatre show ‘de grote geniaal mislukte oerknal voorstelling’

by Slagwerk Den Haag with support of the FPK

duration ca. 20’

24. Kastje....muur....(2014)

for two female voices, clarinet, trombone, percussion, violin, viola and cello.

text Daan Doesborgh.

duration ca. 35’

written for the IJsalon with financial support of the Ben Remkes Stichting.

25. 26 fragments, or doing things in the age where everything has been done (2015)

for bassclarinet, violin, cello, acoustic guitar, percussion and sampler.

duration ca. 10’

written for ensemble Modelo62

26. Zonder titel (2015)

for flute, bassclarinet, harp and percussion (also playing sampler).

duration ca. 14’

written for Adapter Ensemble

Version for Vers Ensemble (2016) for flute, bassclarinet, piano and percussion (also playing


27. The whereabouts of W. (opening lines) (2015-2017)

for solo violin/actor, looppedal and 3 cassetteplayers.

written for Diamanda Dramm

---------------under construction-----------

28. Nascent/Naissant (2016)

for harp and sampler

duration ca. 4’30”

written for Miriam Overlach and Wilbert Bulsink

29. Meenemenemeneem, elegie voor de nachtbrakers (2016)

for stringquartet, bassclarinet, percussion and stereo soundtrack.

written for the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble

duration ca. 6’00”

30. Trakl, lied mit einer nicht anwesenden sängerin (2017)

for two amplified acoustic guitars treated as percussion instruments and video

duration ca. 7'30"

written for Ruud Roelofsen

31. The whereabouts of W. (last words) (2014-2018)

for solo percussionist/actor, objects and guitarpedals.

--------------under construction-----------

32. For flute or piano or mandolin or percussion or bassoon or guitar or violin or harp or

clarinet or..........(2017)

for any (amplified) solo instument or combination of instruments and video

duration c.a. 5'25"

written for the soloist concert series of Insomnio Ensemble.

33. Woordeloos (2017-2018)

for a capella SATB choir

--------------under construction-----------

34. Dr. Salahazar's catalogue of synthesized objects, beings and places (2018)

for flute, clarinet, trombone, cello, percussion and video

written for Mutu Ensemble

--------------under construction-----------





1. Three minute opera (2004)

Small opera for 2 female voices and cello

written for a project of YO! opera in shoppingmall ‘Hoogh Cathereine’

duration ca. 3’

2. Zoef (2007)

theatremusic for three trombones and magic lanterns

written for a childrens theatreproduction of Musiscoop

duration ca. 10’

3. Poging I: ‘Karlheinz spreekt’ (2008)

for two channel tape, my first attempt to write some electronic music, using free software.

based on a short (and noisy) sample of Karlheinz Stockhausen talking about sound, the

sample was taken from Youtube.

duration ca. 4’30”

(Poging II and Poging III are planned.....)

4. Grijs (2012)

for cello and piano.

written for an album of contemporary pieces for amateur cellists and pianists. This piece is

for the easiest level.

duration. ca. 3’

Published by

5. Iknwwhtyhvdn (2013)

for brass, percussion and 4 channel soundtrack

written for a sitespecific project in Detmold Germany

duration ca. 10’

written for Worldbrass.

--------------currently being revised-----------

6. Prelude/interlude/morphing (2013)

for stringquartet, percussion and 4 channel soundtrack.

written as an interlude in a program connecting ‘Vor deinen Thron tret’ ich hiermit’ of J.S.

Bach with Quartet in d-minor “Voces Intimae” of J. Sibelius using only material of those


duration ca. 4’30”

written for the Utrecht String Quartet.

7. ......Als/Of..... (2015)

for two bassclarinets with optional anklebells

written for an album of contemporary pieces for amateur bassclarinetplayers.

duration ca. 2’

Published by







1. the distractions of light (2008)

performative installation with Zhana Ivanova and Thomas Myrmel

duration ca. 25’

Illios festival Harstad Norway

2. Ook ik! (2011)

Live electronic music for theater performance of theatregroup Wildvreemd

3. Darkroom for intellectuals (2012)

Performative installation with the Koene Ridders

duration ca. 3 hours

Grachtenfestival Amsterdam

4. Performative installations with Koene Ridders (ungoing project)

Vrede van Utrecht, Gaudeamus festival, kamermuziek festival Almere, Hotelnacht









1. Study for trombone and ensemble (2001)

2. Quartet I for flute, viola, harp and percussion (2003)

3. Quartet II for viola, cello, bassclarinet and piano (2004)

4. Wankel for saxophone quartet and percussion (2013)









1. Video studies I: snare, kick, piece of metal

for solo percussionist and video

2. Stories with no beginning and no end featuring exclusively non-recurring characters

new project with Daan Doesborgh and Rosa Ensemble