Photo credits: Paul Glazier


In 2011 I wrote the music for the monologue Het wonderlijke verhaal van K. by dutch writer Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. The music was performed by het Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. The direction was by David Jentgens and the stage design by Pé Okx.

I wrote the opening tune to Daan Doesborgh's brilliant poetry podcast. the podcast is in Dutch though.

I also wrote the music for Daan Doesborgh's Podcast about Sjefke Paijmans, a very intruiging Podcast about a man during WWII.


Posthuman Digital neurosis (2018-2021) for an open instrumentation

of at least two instruments and/or voices with video.

Januari '21 from the book Schetsen, Stukken, Scherven, Liederen en Fragmenten (2021). You can download the sheetmusic for free here.

Animalis Abstracta (2019) for video. Animalis Abstracta was made as a part

of the installation ABSTRACTIEPARK 7090 by 7090 (Nora Mulder, Koen Kaptijn and Bert Hana).

For Flute or Piano or Mandoline or Percussion or Bassoon or Guitar or Violin or Harp or Clarinet or......(2017) for any (group of) instrument(s) voices and video playback. In this case the composer is also the percussionist.

Nascent/Naissant (2016) for harp and sampler. Miriam Overlach, harp and Wilbert Bulsink sampler. Two different performances....

Waan (2012) for narrator, oboe, synthesizer, 2 clarinets and 2 trombones. Text and narration, Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble.

Dans II (2014) for percussion and soundtrack. This little piece was part

of the children's theatre production 'De grote geniale mislukte Oerknal Voorstelling' by Slagwerk Den Haag.

And the screens (2018-2019) by Anat Spiegel

Juggling/Jong leren (2008) by Wilbert Bulsink

Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (1988) by Alvin Lucier

On intimacy II (2018) by

Ruud Roelofsen

Stolen Goods (2018) by

Christina Viola Oorebeek

Maart '21 from the book Schetsen, Stukken, Scherven, Liederen en Fragmenten (2021). You can download the sheetmusic for free here.

Februari '21, lamento van de gescherfde stad from the book Schetsen, Stukken, Scherven, Liederen en Fragmenten (2021). You can download the sheetmusic for free here.

Trakl, lied mit einer nicht anwesenden sängerin (2017) for two guitars treated as percussion instruments and video. In  a live performance the speaker with the singer is placed invisibly behind the audience. Performers: Ruud Roelofsen and Bart de Vrees.

In my Room (thoughts about a possibility) (2009-2010) for voice, violin, viola, cello, percussion and four speaker surroundtrack. Live recording 2014 by Ensemble Looptail & Friends: Anat Spiegel, voice, Jellantsje de Vries, violin, Arwen van der Burg, viola, Sebastiaan van den Bergh, cello and Ryoko Imai, percussion. Video by Eric de Clercq.

Nabij (in memoriam A.G.) (2007) for solo bassdrum and offstage tubular bells.

Ruud Roelofsen - bassdrum

Als/of (2015) was a contribution to a book of bass clarinet duo's initiated by Fie Schouten. Performers here are: Fie Schouten and Jelte Althuis.

Automata Angels (2010) by Henry Vega

Alien Surface II (2017) by Ruud Roelofsen

Counter-exposition-I by Georgy Dorokhov.

Edges (2008) by

Christina Viola Oorebeek

Clash Music (1988) by

Nicolaus A. Huber

(Dit stuk heeft nog steeds geen titel) by

Ties Mellema, Maarten Ornstein & Bart de Vrees


26 fragments, or doing things in the age where everything has been done (2016)

for bassclarinet, violin, cello, guitar, percussion and sampler.

Zonder Titel (2015)

for flute, bassclarinet, harp and percussion/sampler.

In my room (thoughts about a possibillity)  (2009)

for voice, violin, viola, cello, percussion and quadrophonic soundtrack.

For flute or piano or mandolin, or percussion or bassoon or guitar or violin or harp or clarinet or....... (2017)

for any (amplified) solo instrument/voice or combination of instuments/voices and video.